The FF Training Method

The Functional Foundations team are passionate about sharing their professional knowledge and experience to inform athletes and enable them to make improved decisions regarding their strength & conditioning. It is our aim to empower athletes, enhance athletic development and provide a basis for successful sporting performance.  

We are focused on developing committed individuals and will work collectively to assist athletes in surpassing specific performance targets. We will conduct a comprehensive needs analysis to create a bespoke training programme that will aid physical development and sport performance. The Functional Foundations training method provides individuals and teams with access to professional standard strength and conditioning support.  

We are proud to share a number of long-standing relationships with professional teams and individual athletes. We are committed to working with individuals and assisting them in reaching their performance potential.  

The FF Training Method has been created by Strength & Conditioning coaches Matt Lamin and Rhys Gillings.

The FF Training Method

Our Philosophy

Functional Foundations value health and wellbeing above any performance metric. Our philosophy is underpinned by values attained through professional sport. This means that our actions align with the best athletes in the world and we adhere to strict anti-doping legislation that is imposed by national governing bodies. We never advocate the use of performance enhancing drugs, irrespective of playing status, level of competition or whether you are regularly tested for illicit drugs. It is our firm belief that any specific performance target is achievable given the correct information, attitude and mindset. We operate in conjunction with the information supplied by the UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) committee. For more information click here.

Supplementing Our Training

Sport supplements are easily accessible for athletes however, largely misused and often ineffective. The team at Functional Foundations advocate a “food first” message whereby athletes are advised to attain the majority of their energy requirements through appropriate nutrition. This is consistent with all of our athletes, regardless of playing level. Where necessary, we will recommend supplements for individuals having assessed their needs and this is coupled with specific usage instructions. In alignment with our philosophy, we are informed with regards to banned supplements by the UKAD. This is a large consideration for us at Functional Foundations and is used as a basis for any supplement recommendations.

Safeguarding Our Athletes

All of our coaches specialise in long term athletic development and have experience working in conjunction with youth athletes. Therefore, all coaches are required to undergo an enhanced DBS check prior to joining the team. If you are registering you interest on behalf of a junior athlete, this information can be supplied upon request.


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